Are Slow Cookers Safe to Leave Unattended

Now granted this isn’t exactly a necessary addition to an organically minded kitchen, still it can be very useful. Slow Cookers basically are meant for hard meats like beef or camel, yes I said camel.

If you were to try and cook a sirloin steak on a pan you probably could, but when it comes to rump or rib or any of the harder meat parts then you’d find yourself waiting for hours before you got the inside part of it tender.

This is where a slow-cooker comes in, you typically have a large pot like structure except you can close it from the top to build that pressure. Basically like a pressure cooker pot mix, sort of, kind of. Here’s a picture:

Everything about Slow Cooker

So there it is. This is one made for the home but you can also get industrial slow cookers which are much larger and look more intimidating. If you leave your meat in this, along with some vegetables, and some chicken stock and leave it to cook for 40 minutes to an hour you will find it turn into the most wonderful smelling and tasting beef broth you have ever eaten.

How to use a Slow Cooker

This is all thanks to the fact that when you cook beef slowly in a slow cooker, as opposed to frying it, you let all the real flavour and juices come out properly. And the meat basically dissolves into the water like a fine gravy. If that description had your mouth watering you should definitely get a slow cooker. Unlike traditional pressure cookers, you don’t need to turn the heat too high to get this thing working. This is gonna save you from heavy gas bills.

Do slow cookers use a lot of electricity?

So which type of slow cooker should you buy? Well, definitely not the industrial slow cooker. Not only is it too large it simply won’t fit in most kitchens. We don’t need to mention it would literally drain the whole house’s electricity supply. What you want to go for is a large, home slow cooker. Emphasis on the large since most slow cookers are best used in things like soups and broths, it is best to have them large in size because that kind of thing is usually made in large portions.

You want to buy it from a reputable brand, we suggest brands like West bend, Cuisine Art, and the one above in the picture is a crock pot. Get any color you want although black looks newer for longer since you can’t see the scratches and dirt marks easily on black.

Which slow cookers are lead-free

Once you have a slow cooker then what? So you finally bought one, now… USE IT! At first, it can seem a little daunting as most people don’t really use this device much. However, in parts of Asia, they are used constantly, to make rice to make soups. So be like Asians (unless you already are lol) and start to incorporate more meals in your diet routine that would be cooked in a slow cooker.

Healthy Vegetable Soup Recipes Slow Cookers

We suggest stews, broths, soups, boiled rice, not to mention all these things are actually REALLY healthy. Start to mix it up as well. A slow cooker is a great tool to use to experiment, you can add different vegetables and spices into the mix and see how the final product will turn out. It is kind of like throwing ingredients in a hat, shaking it and seeing what comes out. Just be careful you don’t create a Godzilla or something.

What are some health hazards to watch out for in slow cookers? There is a simple one, don’t touch it on the outside when it’s cooking. These things are made of metal more often than not, if the inside is hot chances are so is the outside. Always use the handles on the side. Do not place them on the edge of the counter. You can imagine what would happen if it tipped over. Yes, not pretty.

Always keep an eye on it and make sure you don’t forget about it, since it is a SLOW cooker many people are likely to just go do something else while it cooks, and in that time it will have burnt your food. This is bad for the food, AND the device as well. We hope this article has been helpful to you in learning about and buying a slow cooker!

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