All About Grill Covers

This cover is essential in providing protection for your grill or smoker. It comes in a wide range of sizes and is made of different materials, commonly oxford fabric material for durability. It can keep the BBQ grill protected from the elements and changing outdoor conditions. Such cover is also UV-resistant to protect against fading and sun exposure.

How does Grill Cover work?

This grill cover is made of oxford material and lined with PVC in general for maximum durability.  Some of them also have air vents to keep the grill dry and moisture away. 

They are also with a strap system or coming with a drawstring strap, working to secure fit the cover tightly. It is also with seams for added durability and heavy-duty performance for long-lasting use.

It works simply by keeping your grill covered and protected against changing weather conditions and elements.  For added comfort, it also has pads, which also add to the convenience of use.

The grill cover is beneficial to have if you have a smoker or a grill because the prior can cover the latter for all seasons. In this case, you can rest assured that your precious investment won’t be damaged by the changing temperatures and outdoor conditions.

Overall, this item is essential for grill owners who want to keep their BBQ grill from damage due to outdoor exposure and changing weather.

Type of Grill Cover

When shopping around for a BBQ grill cover, you must learn about the different types of covers so that you can make a good decision later. This product is made from different materials, but the most common are polyester, vinyl, and canvas; thus, there are different types that you can compare.

Polyester:   It is the most common among covers you will bump into because it is easy to clean and lightweight. This material is extremely adaptable and can withstand a variety of weather conditions.  The only downside is sometimes longevity.

Vinyl:   It is more durable than other materials like polyester because it can resist snow and rain. Vinyl is also waterproof, adding to its durability, but you must opt for thicker versions for long-lasting use.

Canvas: It is a really good material that can keep up with outdoor exposure to the elements and can be cheaper than other types are.   This grill cover is also common for its better durability than other materials.

Why do You Need to Use Grill Cover? 

Researching about grill covers, you might also be interested to know what the benefits of the covers are. In the following, let us discuss the advantages of using a grill cover.


Using a grill cover can offer protection for your BBQ grill or smoker, which is a valuable investment. With a cover, you will be able to keep the smoker or griller in top condition.

    Comfort and snug fit

Most of these grill covers are with a strap system, drawstring, and VELCRO to keep them from being blown away by the wind.  They are also with air vents that can keep moisture away and your grill dry. Many of these covers are also with pads adding the convenience of use.


These products can protect your grill from the outdoor elements, including the sunrays.  The covers can keep the grill from fading due to this feature, too.  It is one of the advantages that you can look forward in using a grill cover.


The cover is dustproof aside from being windproof.  With it, you can keep your grill clean and dust-free.  You might want to get a cover for yourself if you want to benefit from this feature, too.

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