Best Hand Mixers For Cookie Dough – Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you looking for a multifunctional mixer? When purchasing, pay attention to the attachments that are included or that you can still buy separately. For example, there are hand mixers that also have an immersion blender function and attachments for kneading dough. So you only need one kitchen appliance instead of several, which is handy!

How do we determine what the best mixer to buy is? What is the best buy hand mixer for one person may be different for another. Because what the best mixer is depends entirely on what you are looking for. 

Top 5 Best Hand Mixers for the kitchen

We dived into the kitchen to collect the 5 best hand mixers of 2021. We look at reviews from previous users and the best-selling mixers on Amazon. Not only that, we also value professional and independent assessments. That is why we also look at which mixers came out best in the annual tests of comparison platforms.

1. Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer (Top-Rated Hand Mixer)

Hand blenders give you total control over the mixing of a batter or dessert filling without dragging out a cumbersome stand mixer. If you need an affordable yet powerful hand mixer, try the Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage. This mixer offers 7 variable speeds, ranging from a very slow and steady speed perfect for gentle stirring to the speedy whipping you need for cream or egg whites. Adjusting the speed is easy, even when you only have a single hand free, due to the sliding knob on the side of the mixer. No more fussing with click and lock settings that are difficult to change.

You can also move around the kitchen quickly when using this mixer due to the swivel cord. As you move up and down your countertops to get new ingredients the power cord swivels with you instead of dragging and knocking over the mixing bowl. The two metal beaters that are included with the mixer are dishwasher safe and extra long. Even deep and large mixing bowls will be fully scraped by these blades. They also eject easily with a single button push when you are ready to clean them.


  • Spatula and whisk attachments
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • 220 watt motor
  • Compact design

2. Sunbeam 250-Watt 5-Speed Stand Mixer, Black (Best Seller)

Lumpy batter, stiff dough and sore wrists take the fun out of cooking or baking. The Sunbeam Hand and Stand Mixer does the hard work of mixing, kneading or stirring for you while costing far less than many competitors. You also save money by essentially getting two quality appliances for the price of one. The mixing head of the stand mixer detaches and works as a powerful hand mixer for when you need more control over the mixing process. If you’re making a very large batch of something, the hand mixer allows you to stir and blend without making multiple batches in the included mixing bowl.

This mixer comes with a standard flat beater, a dough hook for lightweight doughs and a stainless steel mixing bowl. While other mixers use levers or knobs that break easily to adjust the height of the mixing head, the Sunbeam Stand Mixer simply tilts back when you’re ready to change attachments or remove the mixing bowl. Six speeds let you slowly blend cookie dough or beat meringue in a matter of minutes. The large mixing bowl and the minimalist mixing head combine to let you watch the contents of the bowl as it mixes.


  • Six speed options
  • Tilt back mixing head
  • Convenient removable hand mixer
  • Compact 10 “ by 15 “ footprint
  • Multiple beater attachments

3. Hamilton Beach 62676 Performance Plus 6-Speed Mixer (Budget Friendly)

There’s no need for a bulky, space consuming stand mixer if you just need to occasionally blend a batch of salad dressing or mix a little cookie dough. The Hamilton Beach Performance Plus 6-Speed hand mixer will beat your eggs or cream your butter and store it away in a drawer or cabinet when you’re done. The black body of the mixer is lightweight enough for comfortable mixing without a sore wrist, but is durable enough to handle years of use. The generous handle also makes use more comfortable, especially for users with large hands.

If you’re concerned about storage, the built in storage space that contains the power cord neatly folded away should ease your mind. The storage case for the attachments also snaps on. The Hamilton Beach hand mixer will prevent the frustration of missing mixer attachments or a cluttered countertop. The mixer’s 290 watt motor provides plenty of power for mixing mashed potatoes, muffin batter or any other mixture. Six speed options give you total control over the final results. A special slow start option on the first speed also prevents mess from flinging egg whites or flour over your counters.


  • Wire whisk, wire beaters and special milkshake attachments
  • Black with chrome accents
  • Special storage case and cord hiding options
  • 290 watts of mixing power

4. KitchenAid Ultra Power 5-Speed Hand Mixer (Amazon Choice)

Hand mixers can go where a stand mixer cannot. Cooking for a crowd often requires a powerful mixer for blending big batches of pudding or mixing up pounds of cookie dough, but stand mixers generally won’t accommodate more than 5 quarts at a time. The KitchenAid Ultra Power 5-Speed Hand Mixer will work in the largest mixing bowl you have, or it will blend just one egg for a perfect omelette. The retro bright red case features a large, durable handle that will soften some of the vibrations that make your hand go numb during extended mixing processes.

Five speed options will create smooth mixtures of thin or thick ingredients without excess splattering or sending up plumes of flour. The weight of the mixer is balanced evenly between the back and front of the appliance. This makes it easier to hold for long periods of time without forearm or wrist pain. The KitchenAid power cord won’t accidentally fall into your mixture as you beat and blend either due to its special rounded design.


  • Large beater ejector button for convenient beater switching
  • Protected air vents to keep the unit from overheating during heavy use
  • Electronic mixing sensor for accurate speed adjustment
  • One year warranty

5. Waring Pro WHM100 Professional 10-Speed Hand Mixer (Best Affordable Hand Mixer)

A quality hand mixer helps you make lump free mashed potatoes in no time, or mix up a fresh batch of mousse for a holiday dinner party. When you don’t feel like pulling out a stand mixer or need more control over the mixing process, try the Waring Pro WHM100 Professional 10-Speed Hand Mixer. It is powerful enough to cut through cold butter or whip egg whites into fluffy peaks. The 250 watt motor provides more power than some stand mixers can claim, and is certainly more of a workhorse than most hand held mixers. You don’t have to lose mixing power just because you prefer a hand mixer.

The built in LED timer on the handle also makes mixing to a specific time limit very easy. No more guessing when you’ve reached 6 minutes of mixing or setting a separate kitchen timer. Despite its powerful motor and large attachments, this unit is lightweight and remains comfortable even after extended use. Ten speeds allow you to stir slowly or pick a speed perfect for the mixture you’re making. Two large balloon beaters are included with the mixer, but Waring also offers other attachments that fit this hand mixer.


  • 250 watt motor
  • 2 stainless steel beaters
  • Easy to clean black casing
  • Built in LED timer

Want to buy a mixer? You have to pay attention to this

Are you planning to buy a mixer? Then definitely pay attention to the following factors when choosing a good hand mixer.

  1. Supplied attachments such as a mixer with dough hooks and whisks
  2. Ease of use
  3. Noise: is the hand mixer quiet in use?
  4. Power in watts: the higher the power, the more power this mixer has and can mix ingredients really well.
  5. Purchase price of the mixer

Do you find it difficult to make the right choice for the purchase of a mixer? On this page we have already collected the best hand mixers for you. That immediately makes the choice for a good mixer much easier.


Hopefully the above top five has helped you on your way to choosing a good hand mixer. Whether you go for a KitchenAid hand mixer, or an Cuisinart with a bowl: your batter or dough is processed to perfection.

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