How to season your electric smoker?

Summer is just around the corner. Are getting ready for a barbecue party? Do you have your electric smoker up and ready to smoke all types of meat? Surely you are aware that prior to smoking your meat in a newly purchased electric smoker, first, you have to cure or season it. But, not all is used to this process. Read on to know how to season your electric smoker. If you are still looking to buy an electric smoker, make sure to check out our electric smoker review guide here.

What is meant by seasoning your Electric Smoker?

Seasoning or curing your electric smoker is a procedure of reducing the interior chamber of fragments, oil and other damaging material which was leftover from the making of the machine. An electric smoker is becoming very popular, so the demand for this appliance increases.

Why is Curing or Seasoning Vital?

Because an electric smoker is mass-produced to meet the need of homeowners, this device is not sanitized and set to use right away after it is purchased. There’s a considerable amount of oil, paint, as well as industrial waste in a speck of dust in the interior compartment of the smoker. These remains can affect the taste of the food and affect your wellbeing as well. And this is precisely why it is vital that you season or cure your smoker prior to starting using it.

Unpack and Prepare Smoker

The first step in curing the electric smoker is to unpack the electric smoker. It is ideal to choose a good location. Some choose to season their electric smoker outdoors.

Switch On

Switch on your smoker. It is easy, find the power button and press it once. Then wait for it to begin working.

Preheat Your Smoker

As your smoker turns out, it isn’t ready for use just yet. You will need to season it first prior to use it to smoke diverse types of meat. This is the reason why preheating is very important.

Preheat your smoker by setting the temp to 275 and leave it for at least three hours. And during this time, the dust, oils and other fragments which can change the smell and taste of the meat will evaporate as well as leave the interior compartment of the smoker.

Important Part

Curing or seasoning your smoker sounds easy, but there is a catch. If you preheat the smoker, alter the temp 275 ® you will leave it to build up the heat and ease your valuable electric smoker of damaging substances.

However, to do so, you will require some wood chips. Your aim is to put the wood chips an hour before preheating the smoker. This gives you assurance that the interior compartment is sanitized and ready to use.

The Best Wood Chips for Curing or Seasoning

Choose your desired brand of wood chips and ensure that you put them in the smoker exactly an hour after you preheat the smoker.

How to Utilize Wood Chips for Curing or Seasoning?

Even if you have not used a smoker before, you must be able to carry this out without the help of anyone. It depends on the model of electric smoker you purchased; you will either have a lever or a knob on the side of the appliance. Pulling the lever or the knob will show a wood chip dish. This is where you will place your wood chips each time you are smoking meat.

Finishing the Seasoning Process

After three hours, and the wood chips are burned, you may now switch off the device. You need to be extra careful when opening the interior compartment because it will be filled with smoke.

The last thing you will have to do is to clean the bars by wiping them using a clean cloth. After this, you can use your electric smoker.

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